Here are the recent exam results, congratulations everyone!


Ballet Exams - March 2018 @ HQ

Pre - Primary Ballet

Charlotte McMillan *            Merit

Anneliese Mitchell               Pass


Standard 2 Ballet

Astrid Astrand  *                  Merit

Vyniha Velu                         Merit  


* Well done to Charlotte McMillan who receives the Class examination shield

Well done to Astrid who receives the Ballet shield.  


 Modern & Ballet - November 2017 @HQ

Primary Modern 

Maya Halcomb               Merit

Ruby Kershaw               Distinction

Isla Recordon                Merit

Leila Angopa                Distinction* 


Primary Ballet

Natalia Kaminski          Distinction

Florence Lall                 Merit

Annabelle Neal           Distinction *


Grade 5 Ballet

Georgia Gallagher          Distinction

Emily Wilson                   Merit 


Well done!  What fantastic results.

Well Done to Annabelle Neal as she receives the Ballet shield

Well done to Leila Angopa as she receives the Class examination shield.