Studio 88 has an array of dance classes that suit every child's needs, from Classical ballet to Musical Theatre! Please read the class descriptions carefully to see what would suit your child and their personality.



Ballet   (Primary - Advanced 2)

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) syllabus is taught.Classical ballet foundation for all dance genres and emphasis is on understanding correct technique and attaining the maximum potential on personal levels of achievement relative to ones own physique. Line and quality are strived for and we especially encourage children in the lower grades freedom of expression through dance. Each grade 'feeds' into each other, aiding pupils to take what they have learnt from one grade to help them in the next. Our classes are disciplined but fun, and encourages commitment and dedication in a caring and supportive environment. 





Tap   (Primary - Advanced 2)

The ISTD tap syllabus develops and nurtures pupil's musicality, rhythm and co-ordination skills. Throughout each grade children will learn about weight placement and alignment to enable pupils to have a clear and sensitive tonal quality and neat footwork.Teachers will introduce rhythm to younger children in their Pre-school Movement class and broaden their knowledge of music through dancing to different styles of music and learning about accents and counts.   


Adult Tap

Adult Tap class is suitable for all ages and ability. Through exercises and routines, you will learn technique and dance movements. Classes help to improve fitness, Co - ordination and confidence. All this whilst meeting new people, forgetting the pressures of everyday life and having fun! 


Modern (Primary - Advanced 2)

Istd syllabus is taught and modern grades develop strength, flexibility and artistry through series of carefully constructed exercises and movements. Styles such as lyrical, contemporary, 'funky' isolations and jazz are taught alongside giving a classical technique.




Musical Theatre

This is a non syllabus class in which pupils will experience Musical Theatre with free choreography. Every half term pupils will learn a new Musical number and a routine with it. This gives pupils a chance to experience and learn different performance skills and use their knowledge of dance from their other classes to choreograph their own routines. 

Class starts with a body conditioning warm up. Body conditioning aids the pupils chosen genres as the class is geared towards strengthening their core stability and flexibility of each pupil. Each pupil has specific exercises which help to maintain or correct physicalities which have been overseen by a physiotherapist. After this, pupils will then continue or start work on their current project. 

Pupils who attend this class are recommended to attend Ballet, Tap and Modern classes. Pupils in Musical Theatre (Junior and senior class) will be put forward for West End and Ballet auditions.  Please see our news and events page for our latest audition successes!                                           




Street Dance 

Street Dance is a non syllabus class and incorporates performance skills and free movement. 

Pupils will have a free physical warm up, followed by exercises to help improve flexibility, core, balance and line. They will then learn a routine to the latest song. 

Pupils will learn differing styles of dance from Lyrical jazz - commercial - Hip hop. All of this will help improve tap and modern as well as build confidence and performance skills.