For some children, dance classes are their first experience of a structured learning environment. Studio 88's lower school specialised curriculum recognises this and that it is not possible to sustain a child's attention for the same length of time as a 'normal' dance class without his/her taste for play and imagery.


To give the children a good introduction to dance, teachers therefore have a balanced class of physical and mental effort along with fun educational games and free movement. Each class is carefully structured with the use of stories, rhymes, mimed songs, instruments and movement which help develop the child's language and physical development. 




Dancing Tots (from 18mths - 2.5yrs)

Every week, parents and toddlers will take a fun and adventurous journey through music, movement & singing.

Aided by their parents participation, children will be able to explore their space around them whilst learning to listen and respond to parent/teacher's instruction. This class is to encourage confidence whilst building upon their physical, cognitive and social development.

Pre- school movement class (From 2.5 yrs)

This fun class gives the children an introduction to dance. Though it is ballet based, children will be able to freely express themselves through movement and music. They will be able to explore their space around them while working with partners and in a group. Pre- school classes will teach children to respond to instructions and develop their communication and listening skills, which is a good foundation for both the academic and performing industry. Maximum class size is 12 children with a teacher & their assistant.



 Preparatory dance & Tap (From approx 4yrs)

This class is the next step from pre- school movement. Children will develop their fundamental motor and cognitive skills gained from pre-school movement and apply them to fun class work. Preparatory dance & tap prepares and gives the child a solid physical and mental foundation ready for them to branch out into separate classes. This class involves 40 mins ballet & 20 mins introduction to Tap and new sounds and rhythms made by their feet.  





Pre- Primary Ballet 1 & 2

Pre - Primary ballet 1 class takes specific steps from the ISTD Pre-Primary class exam syllabus and uses the steps to gain the basic foundation for the next grade - Pre - Primary ballet 2 class. Teaching the steps in a structured class, children will develop their skills gained from the previous classes and start to learn new ballet terminology eg: Plies, Bra bras. Children in this class will be able to learn about different ballet stories through dance, partner work and ballet mime.

Once the pupil has gained a good foundation of those steps they are moved up into Pre-Primary ballet 2 class. This class combines the steps achieved into set exercises (as stated in the syllabus) in which they will work towards gaining a high standard to be able to participate in their first ballet exam.

We do our best to encourage each child to take their first ballet exam as it gives each pupil a sense of achievement and confidence. Although if the child wishes not partake then they will be moved up into the next grade when the teacher feels that they are ready mentally and physically.